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Integrated Skids

Our integrated skids are a fully integrated end to end solution seamlessly integrating to cater to your aseptic process fluid handling applications. They are ideal for handling medium to high capacities. They can be customized and optimized to suit your requirements. The systems design ensures 100% cleanability.

Design, Engineering, Automation

The systems are designed and engineered at our design center with experienced and highly qualified design team. The systems are built in the latest simulation and CAD software and visualized in 3D before being approved for manufacturing. All the equipments are fully integrated to perform as a single system with high quality and reliable automation. They are programmed in accordance with S88 and automated in accordance with GAMP 5 standards and are 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

Testing & Factory Acceptance Test (Fat)

All systems are tested at our dedicated FAT testing area that are fully equipped with all required utilities. High quality testing instruments ensure the systems work fine under the designed conditions. Our QA team ensures complete documentation that are required before and during the FAT.

Key Features

  • Designed as per US FDA / cGMP / ASME/ PED/ compliance with ASME - BPE norms
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant, fully automated PLC controlled touch screen HMI
  • Bottom mounted magnetic mixers with options for low / medium / high shear applications
  • Flush bottom outlet valve with sampling / sterilization configurations
  • Sterile flange connections of top dish / side ports to enhance CIP / SIP operations
  • pH, temperature, conductivity, DO sensing through sanitary port on vessel shell
  • Load cell for weight measurement / Level sensors for level measurements
  • Block valves for dead leg compliance and compactness
  • Components and instruments from reputed international vendors
  • Interconnected product piping through sampling systems and pumps with filtration skids


  • 5 - 30,000 Litres.