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Liquid Oral Processing Systems

Perfected, Optimized, Customized

We provide customized, end to end solutions for liquid oral plants that are fully automated with SCADA controls or semi-automated as required. Our plants are designed with the highest quality of fabrication standards using the best components and instruments. They are also fully optimized for delivering the best performance with reduced life-cycle cost.

Process Equipments

  • Material handling and transfer
  • Sugar syrup preparation
  • Sugar syrup pre-filtration
  • Solution preparation
  • Solution storage
  • Platform structure
  • Transfer panels
  • CIP Systems
  • Plant automation
  • API mixing

Storage Systems

  • Raw material storage
  • Inverted sugar storage
  • Liquid glucose storage
  • Glycerine storage

Key Features, Our Products And Services

  • Design of process, equipments and transfer piping
  • Transfer systems for sugar through vacuum system
  • Sugar preparation system with jacketed, insulated and cladded vessel with bottom entry propeller mixer for vigorous mixing
  • In-line high shear mixer for suspensions
  • Process vessels rated for vacuum
  • EHEDG / 3A approved twin lobe pumps
  • Electrically heat traced, insulated transfer lines of liquid glucose
  • Back-washable stainless steel sintered filter for filtration
  • Sanitary piping systems with butterfly valves
  • Stainless steel operating platform with staircase and railing
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant PLC / SCADA based automation system
  • Automated CIP system
  • Highly experienced team for installation and validation support


  • 50 - 30,000 Litres.