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Super Skids

Why Super Skids?

The cost of bringing drugs to the market has gone up significantly. "High, Early" sales and marketing strategies are becoming a must considering the risks and the stakes involved. Advanced methods of facility creation have to be adopted. The time frame from 'Permit to Qualification' has become very critical. Modular construction is more a necessity than an option. When the rewards for setting up the validated production facility in very short time is big and the stakes of being late are high, Super skids is the answer.

Our professional and experienced engineers apply best practices and knowledge that is in sync with your plant design, implementation and commissioning strategies. This allows your project cost, project schedules and project performance outcomes to be more predictable and get the plant ready for production at the shortest possible time.

What are Super Skids?

Super skids are fully integrated plant assembled and tested at our facility and shipped in assembled condition to your facility. This drastically reduces your project TAT ( Turn Around Time ), including the time for system validation. Our spacious manufacturing facility allows us to build fully integrated very large sized systems (Super skids) that are shipped directly to the project site and installed as fully integrated plant thereby reducing the overall project execution time.

Key Advantages

  • Ship as single integrated plant without the need for dis-assembly and re-assembly at site
  • Fully skid mounted, compact
  • Modular construction
  • Faster delivery
  • Faster installation and validation
  • Fully tested at our factory (FAT)
  • Reduced project turn around time (TAT)


  • 5 - 30,000 Litres.