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Tangential Flow Filtration Systems (TFF)


Tangential Flow Filtration systems are ideal for concentration, Purification and separation. We design, engineer and manufacture customized fully automated TFF systems that is designed for separation and purification of cells, mAb, vaccines, plasma, whey protein and many more. Our system design engineers leverage on our experience of over 35 years and in-depth our in-depth knowledge process know-how of the bio-process industry of filtration and separation. We can design and deliver systems for Pilot studies and full production scale systems. Our systems are designed for low hold-up volume, maximum throughput and optimal product recoveries.

Our systems are fully automated with PLC controls and easy to use GUI and touch screen HMI. Complete process automation ensures consistent and uniform production cycles. They are built in with various modes including CIP and SIP cycles. Performance maximization can be obtained by choosing suitable modes like concentration, single pass, dia-filtration etc.

The systems come with complete validation documentation and certificates and our QC team is adept in supporting our customer during all stages of validation. Our team of service engineers ensure timely service and ensure proper training on the system.

Key Application

  • mAb
  • Cell separation & purification
  • Vaccine production
  • Plasma separation and purification
  • Therapeutic protein separation and purification
  • Whey protein separation and concentration

Key Features / Advantages

  • Modular and compact system design
  • Full process automation
  • Precise process parameters control with PID controlled valves
  • Zero dead leg block valves
  • Integrated CIP/SIP
  • Zero dead leg flush bottom valve
  • Options to use ceramic (steam strilizable @ 131 °C ) or polymeric membranes